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Pests during pandemic

Pests during pandemic

Pests during pandemic

Pests during pandemic: Since the start of Covid 19, many Canadians were hesitant to let pest control technician enter their homes. The covid 19 fear spread during the first few months of pandemic caused pest to multiply enormously. Although our technician follows strict covid protocols but we do agree with the public concern. Most people working from home during these tough times noticed more pest activities than before.

Rodents during pandemic

Like all other pests are living alongside with human for thousands of years. Our homes are ideal places for rats and mice to raise their families. Our home provides them plenty of food, water and a warm shelter. During pandemic times most restaurants were ordered to shut their doors for dinning. Most people started cooking food in their kitchens. Plenty of left-over food and food raw materials left on the counter tops was a good opportunity for these unwanted guests.

Ants during pandemic

During pandemic more people are working from home which means more food and water moving around., and you will notice pests in your home. Specially, in summer when its hot outside, ants making their way to house for moisture.  Ants are common pests of homes, grocery stores and restaurants. Indeed, they prefer to live in warm and humid area, behind the cabinet or in cracks in the kitchen.

Another unwanted pest in the house

House centipedes prefer to live in warm damp places. Outside you may find them under the pile of wood or other decaying material. You may find them in the basement, bathroom, garage or some other dark corners of your house. Centipedes are nocturnal, you may find them in the dark and moist places of your house. Indoor centipedes are commonly seen during spring and summer. You may rarely see centipedes during winter months. Moreover, they gain access to your basements through cracks in the foundation. As their eyes are sensitive to light, they prefer to live in dark places.

Why Pest control is essential service

Pest control play an important role in our daily life. Pest controlPest control near me is essential service because a pest free and hygienic place of living is the basic necessity of life. House hold pests can cause a number of health issues. Therefore to prevent the outbreak of diseases, pest control is declared essential service.