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Bed bugs Removal

Bed bugs Identification

Bed bugs Removal Kitchener: Bed bugs belong to the insect family Cimicidae. They feed on human blood and bite human during night when people sleeping or inactive. On average a bed blood need second dose of blood two week after first feed.   Adult bed bugs are about 5-7 mm or 3/16 – 1/4 inch long); they are brown color insect. Adult bed bug is oval shape about the size of apple seed. Bed bugs doesn’t fly but can move quickly from one room to another. As bed bugs only live on human blood, it doesn’t mean, an un- clean house may attract bed bugs. Bed bugs bite people during sleeping quarter.

They are active during night while hiding during day time. In the day time, you may find them in the seam of mattress or in the bed frames. An adult bed bugs lay hundred of eggs in her life span. In warm weather and enough food supply, bed bugs can get mature as faster as in a month time. However, in colder temperature and limited blood supply, a bed bug may take longer to become an adult bed bug. On average bed bug live up 10 months.

Signs of infestation

Bed bugs removal: First and clearer sign of infestation is the bed bug bite. You may wake up with an itchy bite on the arm, neck or hand. An itchy mark occurs when bed bugs bites, they inject a chemical in the human body which causes allergic reaction. Another sign may be a blood stain on the pillow case or bed sheet. You may see their exoskeleton after molting.  You may find a rusty spot on the bed sheet or mattress. These spots occur due to their blood-filled fecal material.

How You get bed bugs

Bed bugs are not caused by filth. Unlike cockroach and ants, they are not attracted to your homes for sugar products or garbage bin. Even a clean and tidy house can get bed bugs. There are number of reason one can get bed bugs. They usually come by hitch hiking. Major source of bed bugs infestation is our travelling habits. It may come from a nice and clean motel room by hitch hiking to your house. You may have visited the house of a friend who had bed bugs or a friend or relative may have bring it to your home. Major source of infestation is buying used furniture or mattress

Furniture picked up from the side walk is the number one source of infestation
You stayed in a motel which was infested with bed bugs
A friend or guest bring it to your home because they had it

How to get rid of bed bugs

Remove clutters and get rid of unwanted and heavy infested items
Do more frequent laundry and set dryer at higher temperature.
Try to vacuum your carpet more frequently than before
Store your clothes in air tight plastic bags after laundry and tight them up
Call mirak pest control and we will take care of the rest
bed bugs removal

Bed bugs Control

Bed bugs removal: Controlling bed bugs is not an easy task. You may need minimum two visits from us. Adult bed bugs may die in the first treatment. However chemical treatment can not kill eggs. Therefor we may schedule a second visit within two weeks to kill the juvenile who may have hatched during this time frame.

Bed bug treatment depend on many factors. It depends on how big is the infestation, how much clutter you have and if the tenants are doing their part of the job. Do not move stuff from the infested room to another room. Try to keep infestation in one room. We provide bed bugs removal service in G.T.A. Our bed bugs removal cost is lowest. At mirak pest control, our professional bed bug removal technician are expert in dealing with bed bugs.

Before the exterminator arrives

Store all your clothes, bed sheets and pillow cases in air tight plastic bags.
Dryer must be set to high temperature during laundry
Thoroughly clean your house. Don't keep unwanted items
Remove covers from the mattress and pillow cases
Empty all your closets for chemical spray where clothes are stored
Be ready to stay out for a minimum 5 hours after the treatment
Be mindful of others. Mark infested item before your discard them
local exterminator
how to identify bed bugs
Store the item in seal plastic bags which are not required to be treated.
Empty all drawers and closets to be ready for the treatment
Move sofa and bed frames. Allow us space to get around for the treatement
If possible, Keep sofa upside down for treatment
Cut and tear down sofa or mattress unusable, if you are considering to discard it

 Controlling infestation

Bed bugs removal: Bed bugs are nocturnal. This means you wouldn’t see them in the day light. Initially they may be in a bed of just one room. As the infestation grow, people may start worrying about the presence of bed bugs. A bed bug usually suck blood enough for a week time. They may to hiding after their meal. when they are not feeding, they may be hiding in the seam of mattress and cracks and crevice.

As the infestation grow, you may notice more biting. You can find them easily in the seam of mattress. There may some blood spot on the bed sheet or pillow case, it happens when they are crushed accidentally. If get un noticed, they may spread soon to other rooms of the house as they can craw faster to other places of the house.

A dark spot most likely near the seam is visible sign of the infestation. As the infestation grow, they may spread to other places. We strongly suggest to contact mirak pest control immediately before the infestation become more difficult. You can find useful information about how to get ready for the treatment. We have many years of experience in exterminating bed bugs. It should be noted that do it your own techniques are counter productive. You may do more harm and infestation may spread to other areas of the house.

The biology and life cycle of bed bugs

Bed bugs are about 5 to 7 mm long
They are about the size of apple seed.
On average a female bed bug lay about one dozen eggs
The eggs case stick to surface in crevice or cracks
New born will hatch in 6 to 10 days
They live in clusters; they aggregate
A nymph require blood to molt and reach maturity.
Bed bugs are social insects and live-in aggregates.
They are active only in the night time
During day time, they may be hiding
In order to become a mature bed bug, a new born nymph may molt several times
During day time, they may be hiding in their secure places
Bed bugs when you travelling
bed bugs bites

Bed bugs bites

You may note feel the bite of bed bugs immediately. As the bed bugs bite its host, they inject a chemical which is not only anesthetic but also anti co-coagulant. An adult bed bugs needs 10 to 15 minutes to complete it meal from their host. After biting it host, bed bugs goes to it hiding for a week time. You may feel itching several hours later.

 During low infestation, you may not find them in and around your mattress. However, as the infestation grow, you may see visible sign of blood spot on your bed sheet or pillow case. Initially bug bugs bites are misunderstood for some other bugs. As the infestation grow, you may see visible sign. A clearer sign of bed bugs infestation may be blood stain on the bed sheet. Upon thorough inspection, you may see live bed bugs in the seam of your mattress. They also leave a coffee-coloured sign on the edges of mattress. This happen due to their blood-filled fecal excretion.

how to get rid of bugs in basement

Initially bed bugs may be hiding in the seam of mattress or bed frames. If ignored, they may soon spread to every part of the house. In case of heavy infestation, they may be found behind picture frames and electrical sockets. Heavy infestation is difficult to control because in some cases they may even go behind dry wall. In such cases we ask our customers to remove covers from electrical sockets to be treated for bed bugs. Some times they may even go under carpet. Therefore we suggest to seek professional help as soon as possible

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