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Ants Removal

Facts about Ants

Ants removal: Ants belong to the insect order of Hymenoptera. They belong to the family Formicidae. Bees and wasp also belong to the insect order Hymenoptera but different family. Family Formicidae means they odour like formic acid. Moreover they live-in large colonies. undoubtedly ants are the most common pest around the world. There are many species of ants, however all worker ants work as predator and scavengers. There are more 10,000 species of ants. Ant have constriction between abdomen and thorax which seem like a narrow waist. Depending on the species, an ant may be 0.75 to 52 millimeters long. In term of color they may be usually black, dark brown, red, or tan in color depending on their species. Ants are social insects living in large colonies.

Adults ants are of three kinds, male, female and a queen. Depending on the size of colony, some times there may be more than one queen. As common in our houses, there may be a trail of ants searching for food. Usually, ants send scout to forage for the food.

Ants in kitchen

Ants removal: Usually their nest is outside, they come in to your house in search of food. Apart from this ants can get inside through a number of ways. Mostly they can come in through a crack or windows or through a pipe or cable. It is better to seal all the entry points. Clean your kitchen thoroughly and avoid food spill. Store your food in tight containers. Ants are mostly attracted to sugar. It is wise to control the spill and store sugar and all sugar products in tight container. Ants usually foraging for the food. So, if you suddenly see ants in your kitchen, you may need to do clean up in your kitchen. In colder months, ants hibernate, so you may find them more likely in summer months.

Ants Control

Ants removal: The most common ants found in residential places is pharaoh ants. Also they are most commonly foraging in the kitchen and food preparation area.

Ants are common pests of homes, grocery stores and restaurants. Indeed they prefer to live in warm and humid area, behind the cabinet or in cracks in the kitchen. Since pharaoh ant have more than one queen per colony, they may spread faster once inside. Pharaoh ant colony may have thousands of workers. In fact treating pharaoh with pesticide spray may cause budding. As a matter of fact baiting is the most effective treatment for pharaoh ant. Do it your own techniques are counter-productive. We strongly suggest to hire a professional.

Inspect your kitchen and clean any food spill. Don’t leave left over food. Clean up spill as soon as possible. Stop all entry points like cracks in the wall and around pipes and cables. If the problem persist, call us to help you get rid of ants

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are 1/4–3/8-inches long and black or brown in color. They are usually found in old decaying wood. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood but they damage wood to burrow in it. You may find carpenter ants around moist window and doors.

It is better not to pile wood around the perimeter of the house. Keep a minimum 18-inch perimeter around the foundation neat and clean. Pesticide spray is effective against carpenter ants. They can be eliminated with little struggle, once the nest is found. At Mirak pest we have years of experience in carpenter ant removal


Fire Ants

Fire ants are not very common. They can found in green house. They are about 2 to 6 mm in size with copper brown head and dark abdomen. Workers are blackish to reddish in color. Fire ants build large nest. Mound with their nest is usually from few inches to 2 feet height. Mostly they live outside.

Fire ants attack small insect and kill them. Upon bite they inject their venom to kill their prey. The name fire ants come from the general sensation of their bite. For human the bite of fire ants feels like get burned.

Fire ants are mostly active in summer months. They are not very common in winter. However, winter is the best season to eliminate them. In summer both bait and chemical spray should be done to get rid of them. We are not only expert in carpenter ant removal, we also deal with all kinds of ant infestation removal

Fire Ants
Pharaoh ants

Pharaoh Ants

Pharoah ant is most common ants found in house hold around the world. The name come from the Egyptian myth of spreading plague. They are about 1/16-inch long in size. They are light brown to red in color and very small ants. It is one of the most common house hold pest. They form their nest in warm and moist places. Control of pharaoh ant is very difficult because their nest is usually in inaccessible areas. Pharaoh ants are often found in kitchen. Usually
pharaoh ants are attracted to houses where food spill is common.

Inside kitchen their path can be visible foraging for sugary meals. Chemical treatment isn’t suggested as this could cause budding. Baiting is the most effective treatment. Food storage cabinets should be kept clean and trash should be stored in a closed area to prevent future infestation

Pavement  Ants removal

Nest of pavement ants are usually located under pavement stone or under crack of pavement. There nest is usually outside. Their workers are usually dark brown and 2.75 to 3.2 mm in size. The enter houses cracks in the basement walls. It is common for pavement ants to build their nest under concrete slab or stones. The size of colony depend on the number of queen in the colony.  Pavement ant eat a variety of foods but like pharaoh ant, their favorite food is oil and sugar. Pavement ants are aggressive in nature and take fight with neighboring colony.

Using bait is the most effective method of pavement ant elimination. The most effective way to solve a pavement ant issue to call Mirak pest control professionals. Our Technicians are expert in identification and removal of ants

pavements ants

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