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Industrial Pest Control

Services: In a residential complex or a house one cockroach or a mouse may be acceptable for someone. However, in industries especially food preparation or food packaging the presence of one cockroach is too much. Industrial buildings are not immune to pests. A number of pests like cockroaches, rodents, ants and flies are the common pests which can find their way in to industrial premises. The presence of pests in food preparation facility or food packaging industry may not only lead to prosecution but may also lead to heavy fine and possible closures. Pest management in industries include changes in design to eliminate pest entry and harborage. Though design change may help prevent some pests, other area of importance are proper drainage and trimming grass on regular basis for prevent pest shelters.

Types of Pests in industries


Rodents: To prevent common pests like rodent from entering industrial premises, grass around the perimeters should be trimmed regularly. Trimming grass will prevent their hide out. A 18 to 24 inch strip of gravels around the foundation may help in preventing rodent to gain access to the property. At mirak pest control our technicians are trained to properly use necessary tool to prevent pests in industry. We know where to use and when not to use pesticides in industries.

Industrial Pest Exterminator

We take great care when dealing with pests in industrial area. Our Technician will perform our job in a way not to disrupt your production activities. When performing pest control, we will keep in mind the safety of your premises and well being of your employees. Our Technician strictly follow IPM in controlling pest and use pesticides when it is safe and necessary. We don’t use excessive pesticides Beside one-time emergency service we also provide monthly service to our customers in industries at affordable prices.

At  mirak pest control are servicing the Greater Toronto area for many years. We have a long list of thousands of satisfied customers. Our service area includes Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Hamilton, Pickering, Oshawa and Cambridge and waterloo


Rest assured, we are aware of the ministry regulations regarding the use of pesticides in food preparation environment. As a precautionary measure we will suggest to rodent proof all windows, doors and roof. All open windows must have screen installed. Dampness attracts many pests. Repaired any leaky facet. . At Mirak pest control we are expert in industrial pest control. Our technician has latest technology. We are helping customer in all towns of Greater Toronto Areas.

Commercial Pest Control

We provide commercial pest control to business in and around greater Toronto area. Common pests in commercial premise’s are cockroaches, rats, mice and flies. Pests are attracted to commercial units due to the availability of exposed food, storage places of food and exposed rubbish in common area.

Commercial places are not immune to pests. Food scrap, dirty benches and tables, leaking faucet, and drain fulfill all living conditions for pest to survive in commercial premises. Pests not only contaminate food but also spread a variety of disease. Infestation of commercial property means public health is at the risk of many diseases.

Inspection of Pests in business

Our Technician will first do a thorough inspections in order to identify any pests that may be present in your property. We will share our finding with you. Our expert Technician will inform you what strategy we will follow to exterminate pests from your property. We will also do a through inspection of your property to identify and pinpoint all possible entry points of pests.

Monitoring Commercial Pest

As a rule, we will place monitors around your premises to identify the areas of pest activity. This is in addition to the logbooks that are used to keep a running log of any pest sightings. These are integral to our recurring service. A few cockroaches or mice’s may be acceptable in a house but in commercial places, even one is not acceptable.

We do restaurant pest removal in Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding area, cockroaches’ removal, rats’ extermination and mice removal. Whether it is one-time pest emergency or monthly and quarterly plan, we know how to root out these uninvited guests. rodents, (rats, mice) cockroaches, from your premises.

Managing Commercial Pest

Once our trained technicians evaluate your pest’s problem, he will come up with a complete effective strategy how to eliminate them with environmentally friendly products and techniques. In brief whether it is cockroach’s removal, mice traps, rat extermination or bed bugs removal, we remove them all. Rest assured our technicians are expert in eliminating the pest in and around your commercial property. Since every commercial facility is unique, we offer convenient and flexible management programs that suit you.

Home Pest Control

Residential pest control, our team of experts will inspect your home. we will share our finding with you. First off all, based on the severity of the issue, we decide on the equipment, tools and chemicals to control the pests in your House. Mirak Pest control is here with a mission to provide you with a clean and healthy environment at affordable price. Further whe can resolve all your residential pest issues completely.

Residential Pest Inspection

Our expert technician will identify and get rid of the pests to prevent further infestations. Furthermore, our pest control team are expert in whether it is cockroach extermination, mice removal or rat’s extermination. Residential Pest Control, bed bug, rats’ mice, ants and cockroach’s extermination are our specialty. In addition to providing professional pest control services in greater Toronto area. We also serve many towns in southern Ontario. We provide best services at unbeatable price. For us no job is too small or too big. 

Cockroaches in Kitchen

Cockroach removal and bed bugs extermination are our specialty. We are expert in pest removal, including common crawling insects. We remove bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas and rodents in residential area like apartments and houses and condo. Moreover we also provide services in commercial and industrial buildings.  Indeed, you will be greeted by the smiles of our friendly and capable staff.

Pest Control Locations

At Mirak Pest Control we will eradicate pests from your home. Alternatively we will also guide you how to adopt some preventive measures to be safe from all pest in the future. We are expert in the guaranteed removal of cockroaches from your house. Just give us a call if you need us for cockroach’s removal or mice and rat’s extermination. Undoubtedly Shield Pest control is local pest control company in greater Toronto area.

We will beat any competitor prices for any type of service. Apart from this we are expert in Bedbugs extermination, cockroach removal, ants, wasp removal, centipede’s removal and all other pest control services. While We provide one-time treatments service to some of our customers.

We also provide monthly and quarterly service to keep pests away from your property. One-time treatments are typically performed for specific pest infestations, such as wasp, centipedes, Millipedes, rats and mice.

Our service locations are spread throughout GTA. We provide quality services in greater Toronto area and the following towns

Locations Across GTA

Our service locations are spread throughout GTA. We provide quality services in greater Toronto area and the following towns.


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