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How to prevent mice infestation

How to prevent mice infestation

 Rat and Mice infestation

How to prevent mice infestation: Most people get panic when they notice a mice or rat in their house. We know that a rodent doesn’t belong to be in your house. Usually, people explore some possibilities to get of rodents. As a common practice, people first head to local stores to buy glue board, mice traps or some ready to use rodenticides. None of these practices help to get rid of the rodents due to many reasons. First and foremost, reason is that we focus on eradicating rodents but we never thought that why we have them or how they get in.


How to prevent mice infestation: As a home owner you should first do a thorough inspection to figure out how rat and mice get inside. There may be a number of possibilities, a small crack in the wall, a tiny hole in the garage door or exhaust pipes are just a few examples of how they get inside. First step toward rodent elimination is to close all those entry points. Be mindful that rat and mice gnaw on everything except metals. Install pipe end screen on laundry room pipes to exclude every possibility of rodent entry.

Food spills and clutter

Human dwellings are providing best shelter to rats and mice. Our houses provide them all basic necessities of life like optimum temperature, plenty of food and water. Therefore, first step toward controlling rodent will be devoid them of shelter. Don’t keep empty card board boxes or anything which is not useful. Clean food spill immediately and store food raw materials in closed jars. Always use tight lid garbage can. Repair any leaky faucets immediately.

Hiring Rat exterminator

How to prevent mice infestation: There are tons of products available in super markets for the rodent control. Ready to use plastic box with poison block, glue board and mice traps are just few examples. Logically if these products would help, exterminators wouldn’t be in the business. A licensed exterminator usually has single dose poison, which means a single dose will exterminate them. As a licensed rat  exterminator, we not only provide single dose poison, we also do a full inspection to find out what causes the problem and what need to be done to prevent infestation once and forever.