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Millipedes Removal

Millipedes Basic information

millipedes removal: The word millipedes mean a species with thousands of legs. Although Millipedes have too many legs but none of them have a thousand legs. Millipedes belong to the class Diplopoda. There are about 10,000 species of Millipedes. Millipede are brown in color with a round cylindrical body having about 400 legs. . They have 2 pairs of leg per each segment of the body. Worldwide there are about 7,000 species. Millipedes are mostly active at night and hide under objects in the day light. You may find them in the crawl space, bathroom and other area with high moisture and dampness.

When touched they may curl their body to protected the soft part of under body. Millipedes are not poisonous but they do produce a smelly gland which can be nuisance for some people. They can live up to 10 years. Millipedes usually don’t live inside. Once inside they may die within 48 hours because they prefer damp places. By nature, they are scavengers. Outside they may be found on decaying vegetables, therefore they are the natural cleaner.

A newly hatched millipede has just a few segments. Additional segments are added as it molts.  Millipedes are usually mistaken for centipedes. Main difference between millipede and centipede is number of legs per each segment of the body. A millipede has two pair of leg while a centipede has one pair of leg per segment of the body. Millipedes move slower than centipedes. Millipede don’t bite. They curl upon touch and may secrete a sticky material if threatened. While some centipedes are known to bite. Although Millipede presence is considered as nuisance, they don’t do damage food or any other belongings.

Millipedes removal

How to get rid of Millipedes

Indoor millipedes’ infestation is short lived. They can hardly live a few days in dry places. Biologically they prefer moist and damp places. There can be a number of reasons that is causing millipedes infestation inside. They craw inside only if there is extreme drought. It is better to repair cracks around foundation and caulk around the windows, possibly there may an entry point for millipedes. Controlling humidity is better way to control millipedes. Contact mirak pest control if the problem persist.

Millipedes Removal

Clean your home thoroughly and control humidity. Don’t store wry wood or pile up any debris around the foundation. Keep everything a minimum 18 inches away from foundation. Don’t allow any vegetation around the foundations of your house. Repair cracks if there is any. Mow your lawn regularly. Avoid water pooling or overwatering your lawn. Control humidity. Repair if you have any leaky faucet. Caulk windows if there is any possibility of pest entry. Hire your local exterminator instead of using do it your own products. Our technician are expert in millipedes removal

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