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Rodents increased during Covid 19

Rodents increased during Covid 19

Covid 19 increased Rats and mice infestation in residential areas

Rodents increased during Covid 19: Rats are usually common pests of restaurant due to large amount of food and warm environment round the year. Since Covid 19 across the country caused closure of restaurants or open with minimal capacity. Due to shortage of food in the restaurants dumpsters rodents are heading toward residential complexes. As we know rats can easily enter homes and buildings through different entry points. Such  entry points are door gaps, cracks in foundation or gaps around the pipes. Rodents also have the ability to enter a house/building into an opening of only one inch. Logically if rats are receiving good source of food and water in our homes then there is possibility, these rodents wont return to their previous place (Restaurants, bars and coffee shops after resuming to normal hours)

Rats/mice carry disease

According to “CDC”, rodents are officially associated with 35 different pathogens; such as salmonella and E. Coli and can be transmitted via rats that are very harmful to humans.  It could be direct and indirect. Other than that, rodents chew on wood and electrical wires and even can damage car wires. There is no report of rats/mice causing Covid 19.

How to keep rats out of homes

To avoid rodent and prevent them from getting into home is to make sure that all entries to the home like cracks and holes are sealed. Garbage is disposed in tightly covered bins and food for birds and pest are removed. Your local rat exterminator can give you more advice on how to prevent them from entering your house. Always keep food in rodent proof containers. Keep area clean from clutter. Mow your grass regularly and clear any debris where rats can hide.

The first thing is to call pest control company  as soon you spot rats in your area, or suspect any activity. They live in large groups. For example, if you find/spotted one, means there are many in surrounding.