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Spider exterminator

Spider exterminator

Spider exterminator: What are spiders

Spider exterminator: Spiders are arthropod which belong to the class Arachnida. However, they are different than other arthropod as their body is fused in two tagmata. Spiders have eight legs and belong to scorpion family. There are about 45000 know species of spiders. Most spiders have six to eight eyes. Wolf spider and crab spider, American spider and black widow are the most common spiders. They are usually brown or reddish brown in color. Most spider use their venom to subdue their and prey on other insects. However very few spiders are venomous to human.


How they get in to my house

There are many possibilities, spiders can get inside houses. They can get in through door and windows or a crack. Doors or windows screen don’t fit tightly. Spiders can fit into spaces that are smaller than the diameter of their bodies. They often fit into small, almost unobservable cracks along the house and make your house their home.

Spider exterminator: Presence of spider inside your house also mean you have another pest in your house. Like every other insect, spiders are also looking for food. Once inside, it means they did find something for themselves. In one way they are beneficial as they prey on other insects so giving you a little hand. Sighting a spider inside is also like a litmus test for other insects. This indirectly means you need a professional pest control to help you get rid of another insect. Indirectly it means you have some other infestation.  if you have spiders, it means they are keeping your pest situation under control. I know spiders are creepy, but the real danger lurks in the other bugs that you can’t even see. Spiders wouldn’t be moving into your house if there wasn’t an abundant food supply.

How to control spider

As a first step to get rid of spider is to control other bugs in your house.

  • Remove spider webs.
  • Do a thorough vacuum more often, especially in dark and remote corners.
  • Remove clutters, throw out anything that you don’t need.
  • Seal cracks, crevices, and holes around your home and Call the pest control professionals
  • Repair damaged window screen if any
  • Check any items lying outside for longer time, before you bring it in.
  • Remove dry wood or any other debris from around the foundation of the house.
  • Don’t switch on light for longer time in the porch. Light attracts other insects which in turn attract spiders who prey on these insects.
  • Call mirak pest control for the professional extermination of spiders