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German cockroach

German cockroach

German Cockroach identification

There are many species of roaches found in human dwellings around the world. Most common species of roaches found in kitchen, bathrooms or in commercial, food processing plants and restaurants are American cockroach and German cockroach. American cockroach is the largest roach in term of size three to five centimeter long. German cockroach is relatively smaller in size about half inch long. German cockroach is more common than any other species of cockroaches around the world. In color it varies from tan to almost black. They have long, dark antenna and light brown to tan coloration. Although it has wings but it is still unable to fly.

Origin of German cockroach

Contrary to the common belief that German cockroach originated from Europe, entomologists believe that this species spread from east Asian countries. Regardless of their origin, German roaches are the most common roaches found in houses.

Roaches’ reproduction

Cockroaches stick their egg capsule to safe surface in dark hidden places. A female cockroach lay up to 14 egg capsules in her life span, each capsule contains up to 16 eggs. Mathematically it means one female produce up 244 roaches in her life. This also implicate that if you get just a few roaches, very soon you will have hundreds of them if not treated quickly.

How you get cockroaches

As a matter of fact, no one like these unwanted guests, however there are a number of ways when you may get them. They make get a free ride on your luggage from a motel room, on a cardboard box from a grocery store. As our home provides them plenty of food, a warm shelter and water, that why they are living side by side with humans for thousands of years.

How to get rid of roaches

Many people try do it your own techniques before calling a professional. Most of the time it is counter productive. Wise things to get rid of roaches is do your part of the job and leave the treatment to a professional. Keep your house nice and clean, scrub oily patches from your stove. Sweep behind stove and fridge. Thoroughly clean all your kitchen cabinets. Keep all your food in tight jars. Store garbage in tight lid container. Call your local pest control professional to do the treatment.