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Rats and mice infestation

Rats and mice infestation

Mice control

Rats and mice infestation: Rats and mice are usually active during night. If you hear comparing and scratching sounds in the walls of your home at night, most likely you have rats or mice infestation. Further sighs of rodent’s infestation may be detected by seeing their droppings and most likely a telltale sign of chewing on cereal box or a mess on the counter. You may never see rodent infestation, if you see them, it means you have sever problem.

Rodent’s infestation: Rodents are found everywhere especially in homes, supermarkets, restaurants, warehouses and food manufacturing industries. They live nearby human because We supplies them food, water and our warm houses in the winter. Rodents are fast breeders.

It should be noted that Mice begin breeding at 40-45 days of age. Rodent’s gestation is as short as 18 days, and a litter is 3-12 pups

Newborn mice are blind. But they grow rapidly.

Rats and mice exterminator

The right things to do to control rodents is to stop their entry. The best way to stop rats and mice infestation is to inspect your property for all possible holes and entry points. Close holes with steel wool because rodent chew most material to gain entry. Keep your backyard and surrounding clean and mice will look for another neighbor. Keep your garbage container with tight lid to not attract rodents. Raise woodpiles about 30 centimeters. Cut tall grass and weeds back from your house. Keep your kitchen clean. Store dry food and dry pet food in metal or glass containers.

As a matter of fact rats and mice are responsible for spreading over 35 different diseases. Rodents contaminate your food with saliva, urine or droppings. Deer mouse is common carrier of Hantavirus. Rodents also carry diseases such as leptospirosis and typhus fever. Do not touch dead rat or mice with bare hand.

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